Getting Stuff Done

Our Employment Pass/Dependant's Pass process started a while back in England with the help from mr D's company. It wasn't as plain sailing as I would've liked, since 2019 there is a new rule for children under 12 planning to apply for residential status in Singapore. You have to provide proof of having had the … Continue reading Getting Stuff Done


Happy Birthday Ben!

Today is Ben's birthday, he's now 11! The day was supposed to be spent at either Universal Studios on Sentosa or at the Aquarium but we decided to postpone this as mr Dougberg has come down with a severe case of man-flu. So, whilst he and the kids chilled I walked to the Post Office … Continue reading Happy Birthday Ben!


Char Siew Bao So, anyone expecting adventure and drama can stop reading now. This blog will most likely be about the most mundane things I enjoy. Like hotel breakfasts...or dogs. Speaking of breakfast, cruel mummy forced her children to wake up early again, a; to hopefully get them to sleep at night and b; because … Continue reading Tuesday


A strange weekend, arriving here late on Friday night, getting up early on Saturday to go house hunting with the agent, spending most of Sunday sleeping and most of the night to Monday NOT sleeping. We viewed 8 different condos and one of them is perfect for us. It ticks all the boxes; location, balconies, … Continue reading Monday