A Great Day Out!

After spending two days shopping for furniture and forcing the kids through hours of us being indecisive about sofas and chairs it was time to do something fun.I've been reading about the Tree Top Walk at the MacRitchie Reserve and though "this should suit us!" Jungle trails, exotic flora and fauna and away from the … Continue reading A Great Day Out!



Char Siew Bao So, anyone expecting adventure and drama can stop reading now. This blog will most likely be about the most mundane things I enjoy. Like hotel breakfasts...or dogs. Speaking of breakfast, cruel mummy forced her children to wake up early again, a; to hopefully get them to sleep at night and b; because … Continue reading Tuesday


A strange weekend, arriving here late on Friday night, getting up early on Saturday to go house hunting with the agent, spending most of Sunday sleeping and most of the night to Monday NOT sleeping. We viewed 8 different condos and one of them is perfect for us. It ticks all the boxes; location, balconies, … Continue reading Monday